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About WLParis

Native Speaker, trained in Language Teaching and Linguistics in the US & France


World Languages Paris (WLP), language classes (at home or office) & translation services, based in Paris, France. 

About Nikoleta:

A US-native former French & Spanish teacher and current English language teacher, coach and translator, Nikoleta has obtained her undergraduate degree from West Chester University of Pennsylvania (the “Teacher’s College”), and holds teaching certification with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

She completed her Master’s degree in Language Sciences at Paul Valéry University of Montpellier, France in 2013 after a period of field research conducted in Kavala, Greece. Her thesis discussed the effects of the Greek economic crisis on foreign language education in Greece.

She is a lover of languages, having studied and learned 4 —Greek, French, Italian, Spanish— of the 7,000-some languages in existence today and speaks English as her mother tongue. 

A love for language in general is what she hopes to instill in her students, young and old (age range of students 3 - 70!) 

As a native English speaker living in Paris, teaching English and translating is her current focus.



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English, an easy language? by Claude Hagège, French linguist and polyglot

Lack of gender (masculine/feminine/neuter), no declinations of articles and nouns & simple conjugation are all elements that lead to English being perceived as "easy"... However, its phonetics, idiomatic expressions, irregular preterites, innumerable phrasal verbs & the fact that the direction of movement is expressed in the verb complements instead of by the verb ("He swam across the river" instead of "He crossed the river by swimming") are all aspects of English that make one realize its actually a quite difficult language to learn!

Do you know what these expressions mean?

to kick the bucket/to do in/ to see off/ to put off ...

Watch the video to find out!



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